Sunday, April 14, 2013

new laptop. hopefully new blog writing inspiration.
so much has happen and not happen in between then and now. *sigh*

Friday, August 5, 2011

well, it's been a good few months since i last posted. i am obviously not doing a very good job.
i have a few amazing things that i have done these past few months.

- M3 (my cousin melissa, mike & i) : we went to pechenga casino in Temecula to see the amazing Avett Brothers. i am a huge huge fan of the Avett Brothers. slightly obsessed. they make me dream.
we took a bunch of rad photos while we were there:
human planking!

- mike suprised me with a rad! new bike. i love it so so much! we have been planning and riding on bikes missions. love just cruising around, even if its to no where.
- i finally got a sewing table. its a vintage Formica dining table from my cousin allison.
- i finished my sisters quilt

- went to temecula again the following weekend for my friend's birthday. she is a member of the Stuart Cellar Winery so a group of 26 of us all went and took part of the barrel tasting. i, of course, had water. it is SO beautiful in wine country. its very hard to not imagine living there.

- i have still been working hard on helping my friend catalog his punisher collection. he has officially applied for the guiness book of work records and given the criteria they sent back, he will by far surpass the requirements. we now just have to finish cataloging which is a long term project. below is just one photo i took of a photo. its a rare punisher halloween costume from the 80's, un-used and with the box.

i have also started, once again, work on my teeth. i have a lot of work i need done. some minor & some big but my money nowadays is focused on saving for this. damn my childhood for not being smart about taking care of my teeth (and partially bad genes).

august 26th, M3 are going concert dwelling once again to see atmosphere at the greek theatre. so stoked! we are trying to really make out concert hoping diverse like all of our taste in music.
we also officially purchased our tickets to road trip to arizona to Avett Brothers yet again. have i mentioned, obsessed! haha.

and last but not least, here is kitty Orea getting cozy with my scrappy blocks.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

best friend's quilt

Innocent Crush quilt top by missmamiegirl

Fabric: Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner.
This is the quilt top for my best friend, Kristina. This fabric line was the first big batch of "designer" fabric i bought knowing I was taking the "designer" plunge. i had always bought fabric but never consciously buying from a specific line. The pattern for the quilt is called Sister something, I picked it up at my local quilt shop totally unknowing what it would one day be and knowing very little about quilting. I didn't have the knowledge way back when I bought it. didnt know that it was a strip quilt and not blocks but didn't care, I was just going for it! Ha! I adore blocks so much now that I wonder if I had done it differently with what I know now but do not regret it because I am in love with it now. It represents my learning of fabrics and piecing. Also, the fact that I will eventually be giving my best friend this quilt, makes me so happy. I finished the top months ago and I am just now working on the backing, after making a few of other smaller quilts. We shall see how long it takes me to actually finish this but I am hoping to make it priority.

  by missmamiegirl

on a whim, i decided to sit down and sew a log cabin block. i went through my fabric and realized how perfect the castle peeps fabric would be for a log cabin block. after making my first one i was in love and sat trying to think of what i was going to make out of it and for who. i was so excited when i thought of my friend meghan and her 2 1/2 year old son. 4 blocks later, i am officially going to make a mini quilt with minkie backing for Aiden. yay!

i know this post is all crafty, but i figure i would focus on one thing at a time per post since i tend to carry on in my posts. ha!
tomorrow is friday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

jet wing

jet wing by missmamiegirl

preface: i have (had) an extreme fear of flying.

one of my best girl friends and i had made plans for her to come to town for my birthday and have a solid 4/5 days of girly friend time. when i picked her up from the airport on saturday morning, she arrived with no luggage and let me know that the plans were that, to my surprise, we were getting on a plane the next morning back to san francisco where she lives. of course she said that i didnt have to go but she would be going back either way. oivey! i did it!! this was a huge deal for me and helped me conquer the true fear of flying. i now know what people go through on those anxiety/ocd shows when they are being helped through the panic.
straight from the airport we went and relaxed at dolores park. this was much needed to allow me to come down from my mornings anxiety and flight.
she had plans for us. she is amazing!!

AT&T park by missmamiegirl

monday day, we did my hair (she is a hair stylist) and just did random shopping. monday night we went to the dodgers/giants game @ AT&T park.. i have only ever been to dodger games. it was surreal being in the middle of so much black and orange. especially after the tragic events that took place at the last dodger/giants game in los angeles.

fox theatre by missmamiegirl

On tuesday we spent the day walking around the city with her friend Ginger (omg lover her) and shopped at thrift town where i came up on some awesome fit jeans and some vintage housewares. we also went to fabric discount store where i got a couple bits and pieces. i am pretty proud of myself for only spending $11. i am kind of glad we didnt go to any other fabric store though because i would have spent way too much. Tuesday night we went to a Bright Eyes show in Oakland at the Fox Theater. Bright Eyes has always been a mutual love for her and i. it was my 3rd Bright Eyes show and it was really good.

  by missmamiegirl

there was a lot of things in between the big events. all of it was overwhelming and amazing all at the same time. my friend, taylor, is such a loyal devoted friend. she knows when to push me and knows what my limits are. her intentions as my friend always come from such an amazing place. i will never be able to show her how much i appreciate her friendship & this trip. it was much needed for so many reasons! love her to my core.

i am just coming down for my trip in time to get back to work and prep for my birthday on the 21st and the railroad revival concert on the 22nd. i also can not wait for friday to buy my avett brothers tickets for july 23rd.

a life inspiring 5 days. time to cuddle up with my kitty and watch mindless televsion.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

desk @ work
(me for no real reason - bits and pieces of my desk @ work)
oh april, he we go!!
i have so much more then usual planned for this month, i am a little overwhelmed. i already participated in the city of gardena "fair" this past weeked, trying to sell off my resin necklaces and my new zipper pouches. unfortunatly, it was not really a fair at all. a bunch of city type booths promoting random things and only a couple of booths selling things. i shared a booth with my sisters best friend, renee. she doees glitter tattoos. she is always a hit with the kids at $5 a pop. makes me re-think my endeavors and wonder if i should just get into something that simple. hehe. i only made enough money to cover my half of the booth ($35). its all okay though, i had a good time. i enjoy just being out and being apart of anything.
i really want to post items up in my etsy shop, clearance out the necklaces i have left so that i can be re-inspired to make new ones.
this thursday i am going to rise against, descendants, bad religion concert with mike and my cousin. stoked! then, one of my best girlfriends is coming to visit me from the 9th-12th. all the plans are a surprise from her side. im nervous but so excited to have the girl time. THEN on the 22nd, the day after my birthday, my cousin and i are going to the railroad revival tour to see mumfords & sons and a few other bands. oofta! i am going to have some awesome memories made this month. i am hoping to have my friend's camera in full effect.

mike & i have been really good. he is doing so so good and i am so proud of him and how much he has grown in the last few months. he has been up and down a wall of crap in the last year and i am so grateful he has come out if willingly and with such self inspiration. now if only the damn union could call to give him a job again! he needs it. he is a manly-man after all, needs to get dirty and work hard. we are not officialy "back together" yet, but there is a mutual promise and we are good with that right now. neither of us question the love we have and that is all that matters right now.
here is a photo he sent me while he was at school in welding class. learning to weld makes him happy and has given him a goal of getting his welding cert so maybe a job will come quicker then laying pipe like the last few years.

i am so inspired to make so many blankets/quilts. i REALLY need to get my sewing machine serviced (wont happen) and get a sewing table (i do it on the floor now and my knees curse me).

time to go put laundry in the dryer and veg out.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

lazy sunday. i spent friday night and saturday helping mike organize and pack. he is moving april 1st. i am very organized when it comes to packing and he gets really overwhelmed easily. i really enjoy organizing it all and making it easier when most people would dread it. i am going to spend today lounging and will probably sew some more blocks for my sisters quilt.

i forgot to mention this last week. march 15th was the one year anniversary of Danielle passing away. (danielle = mike's sister). a little less then a month ago, the family planted a tree in memory tree row in el segundo. on the 15th i went searching for some sort of fun trinket to put under her tree. i was thinking a little gnome or birdhouse but then, like it was meant to be, there it was. a dog statue that looks exactly like danielle's dog, sookie. like most pets, they were best buddies. sookie was on danielles lap as she passed away, smelling her, knowing there was going to be a change. my heart filled with so much joy being able to put this underneath her tree.

here is a photo of the yummy mini green velvet cupcakes i made for the potluck at work. i used a recipe that included a package of instant pudding, i used white chocolate! and a 1/2 cup of yogurt. then i chose a lemon frosting. they tasted like limeade cupcakes unintentionally and were a huge hit. i made 40 cupcakes and they were ALL gone by 1:30. it really inspired me to make more and think of fun flavors. i make cupcakes a lot but these cupcakes were just sooo delicious. *patting myself on the back* hehe. i kind of want to try for a cherry flavor next or some sort of grape? hmmm...suggestions?

i want anyone i know to go over to brooke's destash shop and purchase fabric. her kitty, Honey, is having a really rough time right now and they are having to make hard decisions and put their lovely kitty through surgeries and medications to keep her in their lives. all proceeds from her destash shop are going towards the vet bill of $3000.

i was looking around a bit and i think i might make this baked mac & cheese recipe tonight for dinner.
off i go to lounge.