Sunday, December 19, 2010

well, i guess i didnt win any of the giveaways from the sewmamasew giveway day. it was fun to partake in it anyhow.
work christmas party was friday night. it was pretty epic!! i invited my two fabulous cousins to join me which then made it even more of a better time. it's SO awesome to see fellow coworkers under the influence as i am always sober. such good times and debauchery.
saturday was a little bit of a mess personally in the a.m. but then i spent the rest of the day as a christmas shopping warrior. target, del amo mall, galleria mall & guitar center. now i am broke, but ill make it just fine. i love buying gifts for people.

i know i have been looking at/purchasing/loving/obsessing over fabric so much because i had a dream about a quilt last night. ha! and i dont have anything amazing to show for it. just my easy- make blanket quilts that i have made and given away in the past and my work in progress quilt for kristina.


today i am really wishing that tegan & sara had a show coming up but alas, there are none scheduled.

i also just recently stumbled upon hayley williams tumblr (paramore), this make me happy. adore her and paramore. they are one of the few bands that make me wants to jam out in my car untill i lose my breathe.

lastly, watch this video. it is adorable! marcel the shell

that is all.

Monday, December 13, 2010

my fabulous new fabric that i recently got in the mail. its Parisville by Tulsa Pink from So Fun Fabric. i love it so much that i dont want to cut into it just yet. i imagine i will make a quilt/blanket with it in the future but we shall see. i am so obsessed with making my fabric stash bigger and bigger. its just all so pretty. quilt-a-holic.

my mom is buying me a "craft table" for christmas. i pieced it together at ikea.
next on my list is a fancier sewing machine. right now i have a basic brother sewing machine, which has been fabulous to me but the more and more i get into quilting, the more i want something a little heaftier. here are a couple that i have been admiring via the web.

janome @ amazon

brother @ amazon
i really cant afford any of the above right now but hope that after the first of the year i can gather my pennies. (after a canon rebel) do you know of better recommendations? please do!!

well, i entered a handul of giveaways today from the sew mama sew giveaway list. doubtful that i will actually get pulled out of the hundreds that i saw who entered, but it sure is fun to try.