Friday, August 5, 2011

well, it's been a good few months since i last posted. i am obviously not doing a very good job.
i have a few amazing things that i have done these past few months.

- M3 (my cousin melissa, mike & i) : we went to pechenga casino in Temecula to see the amazing Avett Brothers. i am a huge huge fan of the Avett Brothers. slightly obsessed. they make me dream.
we took a bunch of rad photos while we were there:
human planking!

- mike suprised me with a rad! new bike. i love it so so much! we have been planning and riding on bikes missions. love just cruising around, even if its to no where.
- i finally got a sewing table. its a vintage Formica dining table from my cousin allison.
- i finished my sisters quilt

- went to temecula again the following weekend for my friend's birthday. she is a member of the Stuart Cellar Winery so a group of 26 of us all went and took part of the barrel tasting. i, of course, had water. it is SO beautiful in wine country. its very hard to not imagine living there.

- i have still been working hard on helping my friend catalog his punisher collection. he has officially applied for the guiness book of work records and given the criteria they sent back, he will by far surpass the requirements. we now just have to finish cataloging which is a long term project. below is just one photo i took of a photo. its a rare punisher halloween costume from the 80's, un-used and with the box.

i have also started, once again, work on my teeth. i have a lot of work i need done. some minor & some big but my money nowadays is focused on saving for this. damn my childhood for not being smart about taking care of my teeth (and partially bad genes).

august 26th, M3 are going concert dwelling once again to see atmosphere at the greek theatre. so stoked! we are trying to really make out concert hoping diverse like all of our taste in music.
we also officially purchased our tickets to road trip to arizona to Avett Brothers yet again. have i mentioned, obsessed! haha.

and last but not least, here is kitty Orea getting cozy with my scrappy blocks.

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