Thursday, January 20, 2011

i cant concentrate! i am going to Vegas this weekend!!!! i am so excited. all the ladies in our family are going for my mom's 60th birthday. we are going to see CHER!!! it is always a good time when all of my family gets together. like for reals! i wish i could show everyone what a pure good time is. alcohol or not. such a freakin blast!!
BUT...i am distracted because i cant figure out what to pack! haha. i am really bad at knowing what to pack for trips unless its to chico in mid summer. (its always 100 degrees there in the summer). it will pass, i will just secretly over pack.

on to crafty fabric goodness....

(preface: please know that i am still a beginner quilter)
this is a shitty progress iPhone photo of my version of a hourglass WIP. this is eventually going to be for my best friends daughter, Emma. she is turning 3 on Jan. 31st. i chose bright fabrics as opposed to pink, pink and pink. i thought it would be fun. the fabrics are all fat quaters from Joanns' (i was on a budget at the time), not sure of the designers. (if you know, let me know)

Scrappy binding
This is my first attempt at scrappy binding. I made it super scrappy to go on my super scrappy quilt. I am still learning the art of binding but excited to get it right. (taken from my iPhone- ugh)

mail day!! please excuse my chewed up nails in this photo, haha .this is the fabric i chose for my sisters eventual quilt. she just told me that she wanted pink and purple so i went with this. it is Liz Scott Sugar Pop fabric from Pink Chalk fabric. i *love* it. i haven't decided what kind of quilt to make with it yet. any suggestions? (please remember i am still a baby quilter)

time for bed!

ps. can the mortgage buisness gods please make the industry rain (after tuesday, when i get back from vegas) and load up my desk with submissions. this little lady needs some overtime for a camera, tattoo, dentist and more fabrics!! january is always so damn dead!

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

well, i haven't been updating my flickr and blog half as much as i would like to. 2011 just started though, so i still have a shot. ha. i dont even really like my blog layout but working on a half ass laptop doesn't inspire hours of photo shop fun.
yesterday i worked on the quilt i am making for my best friends daughter. im really excited about it, only because i am using bright colors as opposed to the normal pinks and pastels that one would normaly lean towards. i dont even know the "style" of quilt it would be, i kind of just cut 8 different fabrics into triangles and sewing them together to make a block. the only photo i have of progress is a really crappy iphone photo so i chose to not share it. (its bad) haha. as i do with every quilt i attempt to make, i am almost positive that i will get the quilt top and backing done, then baste and thats it. binding scares me. i am not a confident binder. i wish i had someone close to me to help me with it. i have 2 quilts (one for my mom and one for me) that site, folded up but not binded. i have watched and read about 100 different binding tutorials, but still i fear. i am hoping once i get my sewing table put together, i will jump into binding them both. anyways....

i will end this with a photo (from my iphone) of my favorite bin of fabric. i just like looking at it. haha.