website info & banner credits


Miss Mamie is said like MAY-ME.
Mamie was my grandmother's name. She was a huge part of my life untill she passed away when i was in the 5th grade. i truly believe that i am alot a lot of the person i am today is because of her. She didnt teach me any arts or crafts like most grandparents, we spent all of our time watching TV & me just talking her ear off i am sure about the new doll i wanted. we even slept in the same bed together, we was tight. i still sleep with the remote control underneath my pillow because of her. i feel her spirit is with me always. Thus, when i was thinking of a "brand" name, it is in homage to her.
Newsocks, on the other hand, was my first "brand" name. That started years ago when i bought my first domain as just a blog and tried to think of something clever that wasnt already taken. I *love* putting on a brand new pair of socks, who doesnt? when i opened my etsy shop, i used my initial newsocks username before MissMamie came about.
i use the 2 together so that if i were to use etsy, i would want whomever it is to know that i am also "miss mamie" in case i came from flickr or something.
yah, that was a long winded explanation that no one really wanted to read. ha!

  • the photo of me is from a trip to san francisco to visit one of my best friends. 2010
  • the smaller photo is of my older sister and i. i imagine i was maybe 5 or 6, so it was probably 1985/86
i can not claim all the images in my banner.
  •  the lovely black and write drawing is a piece by my favorite artist, Mike Giant. (rebel8)
  • the little worm is from the movie 'Labyrinth'. it is a movie that i have watched since i was very little and holds a lot of sentiment to me (along with 'The Neverending Story'). i found the drawing years ago randomly and have no credits as to where its from.