Tuesday, April 5, 2011

desk @ work
(me for no real reason - bits and pieces of my desk @ work)
oh april, he we go!!
i have so much more then usual planned for this month, i am a little overwhelmed. i already participated in the city of gardena "fair" this past weeked, trying to sell off my resin necklaces and my new zipper pouches. unfortunatly, it was not really a fair at all. a bunch of city type booths promoting random things and only a couple of booths selling things. i shared a booth with my sisters best friend, renee. she doees glitter tattoos. she is always a hit with the kids at $5 a pop. makes me re-think my endeavors and wonder if i should just get into something that simple. hehe. i only made enough money to cover my half of the booth ($35). its all okay though, i had a good time. i enjoy just being out and being apart of anything.
i really want to post items up in my etsy shop, clearance out the necklaces i have left so that i can be re-inspired to make new ones.
this thursday i am going to rise against, descendants, bad religion concert with mike and my cousin. stoked! then, one of my best girlfriends is coming to visit me from the 9th-12th. all the plans are a surprise from her side. im nervous but so excited to have the girl time. THEN on the 22nd, the day after my birthday, my cousin and i are going to the railroad revival tour to see mumfords & sons and a few other bands. oofta! i am going to have some awesome memories made this month. i am hoping to have my friend's camera in full effect.

mike & i have been really good. he is doing so so good and i am so proud of him and how much he has grown in the last few months. he has been up and down a wall of crap in the last year and i am so grateful he has come out if willingly and with such self inspiration. now if only the damn union could call to give him a job again! he needs it. he is a manly-man after all, needs to get dirty and work hard. we are not officialy "back together" yet, but there is a mutual promise and we are good with that right now. neither of us question the love we have and that is all that matters right now.
here is a photo he sent me while he was at school in welding class. learning to weld makes him happy and has given him a goal of getting his welding cert so maybe a job will come quicker then laying pipe like the last few years.

i am so inspired to make so many blankets/quilts. i REALLY need to get my sewing machine serviced (wont happen) and get a sewing table (i do it on the floor now and my knees curse me).

time to go put laundry in the dryer and veg out.

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