Sunday, March 20, 2011

lazy sunday. i spent friday night and saturday helping mike organize and pack. he is moving april 1st. i am very organized when it comes to packing and he gets really overwhelmed easily. i really enjoy organizing it all and making it easier when most people would dread it. i am going to spend today lounging and will probably sew some more blocks for my sisters quilt.

i forgot to mention this last week. march 15th was the one year anniversary of Danielle passing away. (danielle = mike's sister). a little less then a month ago, the family planted a tree in memory tree row in el segundo. on the 15th i went searching for some sort of fun trinket to put under her tree. i was thinking a little gnome or birdhouse but then, like it was meant to be, there it was. a dog statue that looks exactly like danielle's dog, sookie. like most pets, they were best buddies. sookie was on danielles lap as she passed away, smelling her, knowing there was going to be a change. my heart filled with so much joy being able to put this underneath her tree.

here is a photo of the yummy mini green velvet cupcakes i made for the potluck at work. i used a recipe that included a package of instant pudding, i used white chocolate! and a 1/2 cup of yogurt. then i chose a lemon frosting. they tasted like limeade cupcakes unintentionally and were a huge hit. i made 40 cupcakes and they were ALL gone by 1:30. it really inspired me to make more and think of fun flavors. i make cupcakes a lot but these cupcakes were just sooo delicious. *patting myself on the back* hehe. i kind of want to try for a cherry flavor next or some sort of grape? hmmm...suggestions?

i want anyone i know to go over to brooke's destash shop and purchase fabric. her kitty, Honey, is having a really rough time right now and they are having to make hard decisions and put their lovely kitty through surgeries and medications to keep her in their lives. all proceeds from her destash shop are going towards the vet bill of $3000.

i was looking around a bit and i think i might make this baked mac & cheese recipe tonight for dinner.
off i go to lounge.

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