Wednesday, April 13, 2011

jet wing

jet wing by missmamiegirl

preface: i have (had) an extreme fear of flying.

one of my best girl friends and i had made plans for her to come to town for my birthday and have a solid 4/5 days of girly friend time. when i picked her up from the airport on saturday morning, she arrived with no luggage and let me know that the plans were that, to my surprise, we were getting on a plane the next morning back to san francisco where she lives. of course she said that i didnt have to go but she would be going back either way. oivey! i did it!! this was a huge deal for me and helped me conquer the true fear of flying. i now know what people go through on those anxiety/ocd shows when they are being helped through the panic.
straight from the airport we went and relaxed at dolores park. this was much needed to allow me to come down from my mornings anxiety and flight.
she had plans for us. she is amazing!!

AT&T park by missmamiegirl

monday day, we did my hair (she is a hair stylist) and just did random shopping. monday night we went to the dodgers/giants game @ AT&T park.. i have only ever been to dodger games. it was surreal being in the middle of so much black and orange. especially after the tragic events that took place at the last dodger/giants game in los angeles.

fox theatre by missmamiegirl

On tuesday we spent the day walking around the city with her friend Ginger (omg lover her) and shopped at thrift town where i came up on some awesome fit jeans and some vintage housewares. we also went to fabric discount store where i got a couple bits and pieces. i am pretty proud of myself for only spending $11. i am kind of glad we didnt go to any other fabric store though because i would have spent way too much. Tuesday night we went to a Bright Eyes show in Oakland at the Fox Theater. Bright Eyes has always been a mutual love for her and i. it was my 3rd Bright Eyes show and it was really good.

  by missmamiegirl

there was a lot of things in between the big events. all of it was overwhelming and amazing all at the same time. my friend, taylor, is such a loyal devoted friend. she knows when to push me and knows what my limits are. her intentions as my friend always come from such an amazing place. i will never be able to show her how much i appreciate her friendship & this trip. it was much needed for so many reasons! love her to my core.

i am just coming down for my trip in time to get back to work and prep for my birthday on the 21st and the railroad revival concert on the 22nd. i also can not wait for friday to buy my avett brothers tickets for july 23rd.

a life inspiring 5 days. time to cuddle up with my kitty and watch mindless televsion.

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