Sunday, March 20, 2011

lazy sunday. i spent friday night and saturday helping mike organize and pack. he is moving april 1st. i am very organized when it comes to packing and he gets really overwhelmed easily. i really enjoy organizing it all and making it easier when most people would dread it. i am going to spend today lounging and will probably sew some more blocks for my sisters quilt.

i forgot to mention this last week. march 15th was the one year anniversary of Danielle passing away. (danielle = mike's sister). a little less then a month ago, the family planted a tree in memory tree row in el segundo. on the 15th i went searching for some sort of fun trinket to put under her tree. i was thinking a little gnome or birdhouse but then, like it was meant to be, there it was. a dog statue that looks exactly like danielle's dog, sookie. like most pets, they were best buddies. sookie was on danielles lap as she passed away, smelling her, knowing there was going to be a change. my heart filled with so much joy being able to put this underneath her tree.

here is a photo of the yummy mini green velvet cupcakes i made for the potluck at work. i used a recipe that included a package of instant pudding, i used white chocolate! and a 1/2 cup of yogurt. then i chose a lemon frosting. they tasted like limeade cupcakes unintentionally and were a huge hit. i made 40 cupcakes and they were ALL gone by 1:30. it really inspired me to make more and think of fun flavors. i make cupcakes a lot but these cupcakes were just sooo delicious. *patting myself on the back* hehe. i kind of want to try for a cherry flavor next or some sort of grape? hmmm...suggestions?

i want anyone i know to go over to brooke's destash shop and purchase fabric. her kitty, Honey, is having a really rough time right now and they are having to make hard decisions and put their lovely kitty through surgeries and medications to keep her in their lives. all proceeds from her destash shop are going towards the vet bill of $3000.

i was looking around a bit and i think i might make this baked mac & cheese recipe tonight for dinner.
off i go to lounge.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

uhoh! i did it again, i turned payday into a fabric rampage and bought a handful of fabric. eep! i really need to stop with the fabric stashing! after april! that is what i am telling myself. there are SO many things i need to save for. i am hoping to attempt to open up my etsy shop again to save money as well. i still have a ton of resin necklaces that i will probably clearance out because i am beginning to have new inspirations. (maybe some fabric resin necklaces?) i also have a bunch of zipper pouches that i have been making that i really want to add to my shop eventually.

i am going to make mini green velvet cupcakes for my work potluck. i even made little cupcake toppers. i am going to try and remember to take a photo.

i am having a debate in my head about this here blog. i dont have anyone who reads regularly so i wonder if i should turn it into a personal journal or just ramble about life like i am now? do i use it to just send out great links and share other peoples sites? i dont know.
when i had my domains years ago, i would always use it as a private journal and no one in my "real" non-internet life knew it exsisted. hmmm
(if you read, PLEASE comment)

i will leave you with a handful of photos of things that make me happy:
(all sources unknown)

Scott Avett. The Avett Brothers!
the two above images of the movie 'Grease' are supposed to be moving files but i am not sure if they are working.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

sunday = laundry day. bleh!

saturday morning my older sister and i went to the movies. we saw Red Riding Hood. i liked it a lot. it is a true grown up fairytale and not a over-the-top CGI created fantasy like avatar or something. (not dissing avatar.) the actress, Amanda Seyfried is so pretty. she reminds me A LOT of my cousin monica.

i also worked on the first block for my sisters quilt. i am using liz scott, sugar pop in purple and pinks. i am really excited to make this for my sister. since i am so new to quilting,i can spend hours looking online at fabric with dreams of amazing quilts but i know that i am still learning so i am sticking to using most of the same fabric line together until i am more comfortable with pulling in different fabrics.
pardon the ugly photo. i am using my iPhone. this is just a basic 4 patch. i am going to be using the white and pink fabric from the same line as the sashing. i am excited that i have finally started it.

i just finished my book (Devils Knot) and i will be sending it off to tennesse for my friend tyler to read. good read for sure, if you are in to true crime like i am.
off to fold laundry and watching housewives.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

watching PeeWee on Conan. he hasnt aged! i am so bummed that i have not been able to see his live show. i am really actually happy for him, coming back after all these years. PeeWeeRevival!

anyhow, i sort of revamped and organized my page a bit. i am hoping it will inspire me yet again to blog more. i am suvh an avid blog reader of others and would love to have communication with others but realize that its hard if you dont actually put yourself out there. ha!
i have been around it for a LONG time, having a handful of domains and used to create websites for bands and things BUT i have been out of the game awhile, BUT i have always been on the net.
its a weird little thing, the interweb. you can feel apart of a community without even knowing or talking to anyone. i feel like i know certain people only from being huge flickr fans of them or by reading the blogs daily. truly, i have no idea if these people know i even exsist! ha! if only through comments or something. so silly and fun.
a hand full of blogs/flickrs that i always looking out for are:
my cousin: mel-town - brooke apriltwoeighty - dainty squid - glamour damaged - stoopidgerl
these are just a couple. i visit a ton of personal sewing/quilt sites, personal blogs, art websites. its so intertwined. there are so many sub categories. so much internet, so little time! ha! i hope to add little buttons to my faves eventually. eventually.

enough about that, i am sure i have more to write but i will do that later. i want to do it properly and not over load one post. plus, it will give me motivation (hopefully) to then have something else to update more often.

i will leave you with 2 photos and a video. the first photo is of the fabric mail that i received last week. it makes me so happy and i am SO inspired.
the second is the current book i am reading. 'The Devil's Knot - the true story of the West Memphis three' i am sure i will have a blog post ranting about this subject eventually. anyone else into true crime?

Fabric mail Devils Knot

the video needs no explantion.

wont you be my neighbor?