Sunday, March 13, 2011

sunday = laundry day. bleh!

saturday morning my older sister and i went to the movies. we saw Red Riding Hood. i liked it a lot. it is a true grown up fairytale and not a over-the-top CGI created fantasy like avatar or something. (not dissing avatar.) the actress, Amanda Seyfried is so pretty. she reminds me A LOT of my cousin monica.

i also worked on the first block for my sisters quilt. i am using liz scott, sugar pop in purple and pinks. i am really excited to make this for my sister. since i am so new to quilting,i can spend hours looking online at fabric with dreams of amazing quilts but i know that i am still learning so i am sticking to using most of the same fabric line together until i am more comfortable with pulling in different fabrics.
pardon the ugly photo. i am using my iPhone. this is just a basic 4 patch. i am going to be using the white and pink fabric from the same line as the sashing. i am excited that i have finally started it.

i just finished my book (Devils Knot) and i will be sending it off to tennesse for my friend tyler to read. good read for sure, if you are in to true crime like i am.
off to fold laundry and watching housewives.

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