Wednesday, March 16, 2011

uhoh! i did it again, i turned payday into a fabric rampage and bought a handful of fabric. eep! i really need to stop with the fabric stashing! after april! that is what i am telling myself. there are SO many things i need to save for. i am hoping to attempt to open up my etsy shop again to save money as well. i still have a ton of resin necklaces that i will probably clearance out because i am beginning to have new inspirations. (maybe some fabric resin necklaces?) i also have a bunch of zipper pouches that i have been making that i really want to add to my shop eventually.

i am going to make mini green velvet cupcakes for my work potluck. i even made little cupcake toppers. i am going to try and remember to take a photo.

i am having a debate in my head about this here blog. i dont have anyone who reads regularly so i wonder if i should turn it into a personal journal or just ramble about life like i am now? do i use it to just send out great links and share other peoples sites? i dont know.
when i had my domains years ago, i would always use it as a private journal and no one in my "real" non-internet life knew it exsisted. hmmm
(if you read, PLEASE comment)

i will leave you with a handful of photos of things that make me happy:
(all sources unknown)

Scott Avett. The Avett Brothers!
the two above images of the movie 'Grease' are supposed to be moving files but i am not sure if they are working.

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