Wednesday, March 9, 2011

watching PeeWee on Conan. he hasnt aged! i am so bummed that i have not been able to see his live show. i am really actually happy for him, coming back after all these years. PeeWeeRevival!

anyhow, i sort of revamped and organized my page a bit. i am hoping it will inspire me yet again to blog more. i am suvh an avid blog reader of others and would love to have communication with others but realize that its hard if you dont actually put yourself out there. ha!
i have been around it for a LONG time, having a handful of domains and used to create websites for bands and things BUT i have been out of the game awhile, BUT i have always been on the net.
its a weird little thing, the interweb. you can feel apart of a community without even knowing or talking to anyone. i feel like i know certain people only from being huge flickr fans of them or by reading the blogs daily. truly, i have no idea if these people know i even exsist! ha! if only through comments or something. so silly and fun.
a hand full of blogs/flickrs that i always looking out for are:
my cousin: mel-town - brooke apriltwoeighty - dainty squid - glamour damaged - stoopidgerl
these are just a couple. i visit a ton of personal sewing/quilt sites, personal blogs, art websites. its so intertwined. there are so many sub categories. so much internet, so little time! ha! i hope to add little buttons to my faves eventually. eventually.

enough about that, i am sure i have more to write but i will do that later. i want to do it properly and not over load one post. plus, it will give me motivation (hopefully) to then have something else to update more often.

i will leave you with 2 photos and a video. the first photo is of the fabric mail that i received last week. it makes me so happy and i am SO inspired.
the second is the current book i am reading. 'The Devil's Knot - the true story of the West Memphis three' i am sure i will have a blog post ranting about this subject eventually. anyone else into true crime?

Fabric mail Devils Knot

the video needs no explantion.

wont you be my neighbor?

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