Sunday, August 1, 2010

gettin started

i haven't been in the blogosphere for a few years. i used to have my own website (newsocks), and i might even still own the domain. i haven't checked on it in awhile. anyhow, here i am. trying to think of what i want to type, what i shouldnt really type. who will actually know this exsists (besides miss lissa. heart. ) ? do i care? should i care? i am not really sure of all any of that yet. just this past weekend i made one status update on my facebook (fuckin facebook) and it blew up in my face. yes, it was sarcastic and kind of threw out some personal drama but it was somewhat vague, but it still came back to bite me. *shrug* we'll see.
i am not 100% happy about my layout just yet either. i want to make my banner rounded like the rest of the table but i am rusty in photoshop.
For now though, i will keep that part of my life out of it. i mean, i already have so much more odd and ends type of thoughts and things i could use to fill this sucker up, i will not worry.
SO, here i am. starting a new blog and hoping to not just let it fade away, because after all, i really do love being able to do this, even if no one is really listening. as long as i listen to myself and try each day to remember that this moment is my life.

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